CRM Integration

Unlock the power of CRM data to measure, manage and coach your teams to new levels of engagement and effectiveness.

CRM software is crucial for any business today. It helps companies manage loads of data, track activities and forecasts, and even prescribe process steps and sales content. But it doesn’t close deals. Your people do. Without the ability to track the capabilities of your sales people and address the human side of selling, your CRM investment simply falls short.

Data-level CRM Integration

Through the correlation of Qstream data within and Veeva CRM, managers can instantly identify links between sales competencies and the KPIs they use to manage their business. Supplementing forecast, pipeline and other CRM data with relevant proficiency and engagement scores gives you a predictive, real-time view of sales performance by individual, team or region. Correlations can also be used to close the loop on enablement-to-revenue analysis, and proactive steps that might be taken to positively impact win rates.

Coaching and Enrollment Triggers

Based on conditional rules in the CRM that you define, such as a change in deal stage or sales KPI, automated triggers instantly create coaching actions for the frontline manager to act on within the Coaching Hub. Based on performance thresholds, rule-based triggers can also be used to automatically enroll users in a Qstream challenge.

Qstream Challenges and Dashboards

Based on their role and privileges within or Veeva CRM, users can respond to daily Qstream challenges from directly within the CRM environment, including access to explanations, leaderboards and other collaborative features. Frontline managers can view Qstream dashboards with the Qstream tab, too, including proficiency heat maps, performance trend reports, and drill-down to individual performance metrics.

User Synchronization with Management Hierarchy

Single sign-on, user and organization synchronization, and all the security your IT group demands are just a few more things to love about Qstream.

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