Meet Qcert

Qstream is proud to introduce Qcert, a lightweight certification capability that allows customers to set a threshold that must be met in order for participants to pass. Many customers have been using Qstream in this capacity for some time, but with the release of Qcert, this now becomes much easier to do.

Once Qcert has been enabled, an admin can then set the percentage threshold on a Qstream-by-Qstream basis. We know that knowledge reinforcement is key for effective long-term learning but occasionally, there is a need to ensure that participants have a passing mark that is documented. 

That’s where Qcert comes in. This feature allows Qstream customers to have a record that shows which of their participants have passed a certain Qstream and with what percentage.

Qcert also provides the ability to…

Suppress First Presentation Complete email delivery


Clearly let participants know whether they have passed the Qstream


Customize email text that get sent to participants based on whether they have passed or not passed


Review completion instructions on both desktop and mobile that display the percentage threshold


View this data in the Engagement Report CSV download


We’re excited to offer this additional functionality and give customers the ability to do even more with Qstream.