When Building Your Sales Stack, If There’s One Thing You Shouldn’t Overlook, It’s This

Qstream has worked with sales enablement guru Nancy Nardin, for several years now, and we were recently reminded again why we love her. As she admitted to us on a phone call earlier this week, even though she might have been “a few years early” to the sales enablement space, her longevity, coupled with her knowledge of the fast-growing number of industry players, has given her the unique ability to cut through the noise and deliver tools and information that are wonderfully practical when it comes to solving sales and marketing challenges.

Take her latest Sales Stack content series, for example. Everyone’s talking about the importance of an effective Sales Stack – essentially a series of interoperable technology applications, often integrated with a CRM system, that can support sales enablement functions ranging from content delivery and account planning to sales talent development.

Nancy’s latest blog post discusses the best practices of architecting your Sales Stack, but more importantly, the key questions to ask and answer before you make any investments. This requires sales leaders to understand not just what they have installed today – and the strengths and weaknesses of each – but more importantly, what solutions are delivering value at a specific stage in your sales cycle, and where you need the most support based on your unique market dynamics and organizational maturity.

To ensure that sales enablement pros approach this intelligently, Nancy and her team have created a really useful Sales Stack Assessment worksheet. It lists the nine key sales tech categories as well as additional sub-categories within each. These sub-categories really make it possible for organizations to assess their technology gaps and begin to assess the applications available to fill them.

At Qstream, we’ve architected a comprehensive approach to a critical, and yet often overlooked, element of any Stack –  the part that covers the development and measurement of the sales capabilities that matter most.  That’s right. We’re talking about people.


Qstream’s platform combines mobile, science and analytics in a powerfully simple approach to keeping your sales teams aligned and ready to win. Working in complement with solutions that address specific sales activity or content automation tasks, Qstream’s sales capabilities platform is able to support each of the core audiences for your sales organization:

  • Sales reps, the people in front of your customers everyday,
  • Front-line sales managers and coaches, the folks tasked with making the number and ensuring sales team performance, and
  • Senior sales executives who rely on data-driven insights to manage revenue and drive business decisions.

Using data compiled from your reps’ responses to Qstream challenges, the system continually analyzes and synthesizes data to provide a rich set of real-time reports, dashboards and trend analysis on the strengths of your team. Our graphical sales manager dashboards provide a weekly summary emailed to the manager with actionable insights, including highly targeted coaching recommendations. These dashboards are designed to identify very specific areas were individuals are struggling, or perhaps excelling, with the ability to drill-down for more specific details. In 2015 alone, Qstream delivered more than 200, 000 coaching insights to managers, increasing coaching effectiveness by 55%.

Qstream also supports three levels of Salesforce integration, making it easy for front-line sales managers and senior executives alike to correlate quota and pipeline information from your CRM with Qstream data on specific knowledge and skill proficiency. And our unique tagging system makes it possible to sort and analyze the data on any number of variables important to leadership, including region, company tenure, topic, and more.

More and more sales leaders are realizing that a solution for assessing, developing and optimizing the critical skills of their reps’ is a must-have for their own Sales Stack. View some of our recent customer success stories, or request a demo today.

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