Voice & Tone

Our voice and tone is who we are and how we present Qstream to the world: friendly, helpful and professional.

These guidelines are meant to ensure that we sound consistently like Qstream. Our voice doesn't change but our tone changes depending on circumstances. Qstream's voice is that of a helpful teacher while our tone is informal and direct.

Our Values

These beliefs shape the vision of Qstream and provide the backbone of our brand. Knowing these values makes it easier to communicate clearly.

  1. Insightful
  2. Passionate
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Respectful

Our Personality Traits

These characteristics make up our company personality, inform how we talk to customers and differentiate us from our competitors.

Accomplished, not condescending


With more than 20 clinical trials proving our methodology and over 400 customers successfully using our product, Qstream is the only microlearning solution that surfaces insights to save time and deliver results. Qstream co-founder and spaced education pioneer, Dr B. Price Kerfoot, is at the forefront of using precision learning that truly changes behaviors. His work is the source reference for those focused on microlearning.


We can state our expertise and prove our secret sauce with independent, credible research conducted by our co-founder. We can be confident and proud in the raw facts but it doesn't mean we have to be "superior", arrogant or patronizing.

Resourceful, not aggressive


With our Insights dashboard, managers can get a picture of what their team knows and who might need additional coaching. Qstream data helps companies to understand where to focus attention and future training activities. Check out this guide we created to help you get more out of your dashboard.


We know what we’re doing and we should trust that our years of experience will benefit the customer. The user might feel nervous or afraid of looking dumb when asking for help so we should never talk down to them.

Passionate, not dramatic


Qstream knows that employees are a company’s greatest asset. Invest in them, make training effective and see the results. We understand the power of continuous improvement, which is why we love helping our customers make people better at what they do. And Qstreamers love it, too.


We believe in our mission of making people better at what they do, so let’s communicate that in what we say to our customers. Customers are optimistic about using Qstream to change behavior and we should be just as excited.

Professional, not dry


Qstream is a valuable tool for businesses looking for a better way of training employees. With rich insights, managers and leadership can view the bigger picture of how their training efforts are being received, while also getting a sense of where participants might need more coaching.


We’re experienced and skillful, like the people that are looking to use our product. Communicating professionally shows that we take our jobs seriously. Users want to trust that we know what we’re doing.

Direct, not blunt


Industry leaders trust Qstream to improve their team’s performance. With an easy-to-use mobile app, employees can learn anytime, anywhere and see how they compare to their peers on an internal leaderboard.


Because we are respectful of our customer’s time, we strive for simple and forthright language in our messaging. Users are busy and might feel stressed, so we should strive to get to the point in our communications.

Editorial Style

These guidelines provide a framework for writing public-facing text. The grammar and mechanics included are intended to help with consistent communication.

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Examples in the Wild

Whether on our website, in our app or on other external platforms, we want our communication to be consistent. Here are a few examples on how to do that...

On Our Blog
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5 Things Every Sales Manager Should Do to Optimize Coaching Time
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5 Steps for Turning a Good Manager into a Great Coach
TIP: Keep it simple and think about who the blog post is aimed at helping.
On Social Platforms
From this…
#WEBINAR Today on the science behind retention & behavior change and how apply these principles in your learning programs. ow.ly/jekw30jER8q
to this…
Want to learn more about how you can improve the knowledge, skills and behaviors of your employees? Join us today! #WEBINAR. ow.ly/jekw30jER8q
TIP: Think short and casual. Tell people what’s in it for them.
In the App
From this…

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TIP: Speak more like a human and less like a machine.
In User Guides
From this…
Tags can be a valuable addition to Qstream reporting for your Program Managers. Creating and assigning tags in a meaningful way has a direct and positive impact on their ability to view, analyze, and action their Qstream’s data.
to this…
Tags are a powerful way of filtering reports and comparing how different groups of participants are performing. Commonly-used tags include team name, department, region, and country.
TIP: Be straightforward. Explain features and how to use them.