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In this eBook, Brandon Hall Group explains not only the importance of compliance training but also how to develop a strategy that effectively develops your workforce, mitigates risk, meets regulatory requirements and drives business outcomes.

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Qstream Content Workshop

Elevate your learning program content.

This customized one-day workshop is for you and your team who aspire to become masters at writing quality Qstream content that will engage learners and maximize learning retention. This workshop, exclusive to Qstream customers, will help you elevate your Qstream content to improve learning outcomes.

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The Science Bit

Learning professionals expend massive effort creating content that engages the learner while also being comprehensive. Yet, your efforts can be wasted when learners are known to forget 79% of training content within 31 days.

As a microlearning pioneer, Qstream is committed to designing and delivering corporate learning programs in the way the brain works. We believe that content transformation and the way it is delivered is key to make learning stick. The first part of the workshop focuses on the science of successful learning, incorporating the brain science behind Qstream as proven in 20+ clinical trials led by Qstream’s co-founder, Dr Price B. Kerfoot. We’ll cover:

  • The science behind Qstream and successful learning
  • What makes good content
  • The impact of content on your Qstream reporting and results

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Putting Pen to Paper

Here at Qstream we understand it can be hard to find the time and resources to get your learning program off the ground. In this section, we aim to make this process as frictionless as possible by giving practical tips and tools to help you get started. This section of the workshop will focus on practical tips, tools, and processes to get your Qstream off the ground quickly. Our team will guide you through the content development process and share best practices to help you fine-tune your Qstream content skills. 

  • Overview of Qstream content resources
  • The content creation process
  • Linking business goals and metrics to your content writing
  • Common pitfalls of content writing
Qstream Content Hub

WORKSHOP: Part Three

Elevating Your Content

With the Qstream content basics down, now it’s time to take your content to the next level.  The most effective learning content engages learners, is cognitively challenging, and stimulates critical thinking.  In this section, you’ll learn how to apply this theory to your Qstream challenges ensuring your participants get the best possible learning experience. You’ll also learn how to calibrate your content to just the right level of difficulty and critically how to use scenario-based and video-based questions to elevate your learning program.

  • How to make your questions more challenging
  • Scenario-based questions
  • Video-based questions
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Qstream Workshop

So that you can leave the workshop with an enhanced Qstream ready to launch to your learners, you’ll have a little homework to do. Bring along a Qstream you are working on and we can apply all the tips and tricks we learned in the previous sections during this hands-on session.

  • Review your existing Qstream content
  • Re-write or edit your Qstream
  • Tap into Qstream content experts on the spot
Qstream Sample Content



Learning Reinforcement

Get Qstream Content Certified

We all know that learning is not a one-and-done classroom exercise.  If learning is to stick and change behavior, it needs to be reinforced continuously after the initial program.  So, this is the fun part.  Following the workshop, you will be certified with a post-workshop Qstream with Qcert, our micro-certification feature, so we know you’ve remembered what you’ve learnt.

  • Post-workshop certification using Qcert
  • Ensure you’ve retained knowledge to a minimum threshold
  • Retain and apply your content workshop learnings when you get back to your desk
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