Controlling Welcome Emails

Qstream has introduced two new optional settings that will give admins more control over when (or whether) welcome emails get sent. You can find these options under ‘Optional settings’ of Step 2 (Schedule) of the ‘Add Users’ section in User Admin.

(If you don’t do anything to these settings, the default behavior will be the same as it has been — new users will get welcome emails and existing users won’t, even if they’re not registered on the current site.)

1. Do not send welcome messages

This option is helpful if you have a large amount of users you want to add to the site, but you haven’t finished creating or building out the management hierarchy.

You can now upload users but no welcome emails will be sent. The admin will still receive a confirmation email.

On the ‘Schedule’ step, click to expand the ‘Optional settings’. Under the ‘Recipients’ drop-down, you will now see an option for ‘Do not send welcome messages’. You may then continue as normal to add the users immediately or to schedule it for a later time.

2. Send welcome messages to all selected users

The second new option is in the same dropdown and allows you to send welcome emails to all of the selected users in the current batch, regardless of whether they’ve already been registered or not.

This option is helpful if you’ve already registered users (and not sent a welcome email as in the example noted in the first section) and need to send welcome messages at a later time.


  • It’s currently not possible to manually enter a user for registration if they’re already registered on the site. Instead, if you go to ‘View Events’, you can see a list of all ‘Add Users’ events. On that list, you can click on the date you added users, download those users as a CSV file and then upload again via ‘Enroll Users’.
  • When you later enroll users in a Qstream, their experience is the same – regardless of whether they received a Welcome email from registration or not.