Customer Story: Black Duck Software

Qstream Helps Black Duck Software Equip Its Sales Reps for Better Client Conversations

A 98% engagement rate revealed that the company’s sales reps were tuned-in to Qstream daily. As a result, the overall proficiency score on security topics, for example, rose from a baseline of 76% to 91% within weeks.

Black Duck Software is a leader in automated solutions for securing and managing open source software, and eliminates the pain related to security vulnerabilities, compliance and operational risk. By providing its customers with visibility into and control of open source technologies in use, Black Duck helps them address the significant security and compliance challenges posed by the ubiquitous use of open source components in application development.

The Challenge

To be successful in their roles, Black Duck sales reps require not only proficiency in Black Duck products, but also a broad understanding of the open source movement, legal compliance, security management and software development. In addition, they must be able to communicate clearly with executives in functions outside of IT and across a range of industries, including technology, financial services and manufacturing.

Despite the many sales enablement tools Black Duck employs, including an internal knowledge base and numerous meetings where various open source topics are discussed, they sought a more engaging, scalable and continuous way to ensure that their global sales reps retained core knowledge and put it to use in client interactions.

The Solution

After evaluating solutions to complement its existing sales development program, Black Duck selected Qstream, an award-winning platform for managing and measuring sales capabilities at scale.

In September 2015, Black Duck rolled out Qstream across its Americas, APAC and EMEA sales regions. It was a simple process to create a spreadsheet of sales reps and their roles, and import that into Qstream to automatically create accounts for everyone and group them into competitive teams.

In just three minutes every few days, Black Duck’s reps used Qstream to respond to a set of scenario-based Q&A sales challenges on their mobile devices and laptops. The challenges covered industry-focused security issues that reps needed to be aware of when speaking with customers, as well as core messaging on Black Duck’s products and brand positioning.

“Our sales reps love Qstream. In fact, they come to me looking for more challenges, ” said Chester Liu, director of global sales enablement at Black Duck Software. “Traditional reinforcement platforms are onerous and feel heavy-handed. On the other hand, Qstream is fun and engages millennials and veteran sales reps alike.”

To ensure continuous field support, after each monthly sales meeting the sales enablement team developed a process of implementing the key takeaways into a series of Qstream challenges designed to reinforce the knowledge and capabilities most critical to addressing customer concerns. Using Qstream in a more inventive way to help ensure adoption of the company’s knowledge base and marketing assets, Black Duck posed challenges designed to uncover whether reps had read and understood the marketing collateral provided to them.

At the same time, Qstream-generated dashboards were emailed to sales management every Friday, offering a snapshot of rep performance with individual coaching actions based on each reps’ proficiency level of a specific topic.

The Results

Once the sales team was fully onboard with Qstream, the competitive aspect of the solution – including scoring and leaderboards – became a prime motivator. A 98% engagement rate showed that Black Duck sales reps were tuned-in to Qstream daily. As a result, the overall proficiency score on security topics, for example, rose from a baseline of 76% to 91% within weeks.

Sales managers were enthusiastic about being able to see how their teams were performing using Qstream data, and expressed satisfaction that the teams were getting the reinforcement they needed to successfully manage customer questions. One rep even recalled responding to a sales scenario correctly on Qstream one day, only to be asked the same question by a customer the next day.

“The nature of tech sales is that due to the rapid pace of change in the industry, sales reps need to stay on top of current trends and developments, ” said Lou Shipley, president and CEO of Black Duck Software. “Qstream ensures that reps’ knowledge stays current and important facts stay top-of-mind.”

About Black Duck Software

Organizations worldwide use Black Duck Software’s industry-leading products to secure and manage open source software, eliminating the pain related to security vulnerabilities, compliance and operational risk. Black Duck is headquartered in Burlington, MA, with offices in Mountain View, CA, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. For more information, visit