Customer Story: Xerox

Xerox Embraces Qstream to Accelerate Time to Sales Performance

Qstream provides a strategic, engaging way to manage the product knowledge of field-based teams

Since the invention of xerography 75 years ago, Xerox has helped businesses simplify the way that work gets done. Improved sales force knowledge of the services and technology that Xerox offers clients is the driving force behind Xerox’s deployment of Qstream.

Participants enjoy the platform’s ease of use and the way Qstream helps them build confidence in their product expertise without taking time away from selling and other work tasks. With more information being retained, Xerox found that Qstream is helping to ensure that its sales reinforcement efforts deliver the business gains that the company expects.

The Challenge

Xerox’s Managed Print Services sales teams must respond more quickly to market changes and competition than ever before. Its executives need to know that their teams are prepared to address a diversity of customer needs.

As a pioneer in innovative sales methodologies, Xerox and its management also know that the companies that commit to a culture of continuous sales support and coaching significantly outperform their competitors.

Doug Bushée, Xerox Learning Business Partner, was keenly aware that staff would lose up to 85 percent of what was delivered in face-to-face events in just a matter of weeks. This is not a reflection on the quality of their reps, but the natural “forgetting curve” of the human brain. Since reps can only sell what they remember, the link to applying these new skills to the job was lost.

To combat this, Xerox sent email surveys to sales meeting participants to gauge product information recall. With typically low response, it was difficult to determine how many emails were ignored entirely.

The Solution

Xerox deployed a sales reinforcement pilot program using Qstream in July 2014 as a follow-up to a next- generation product workshop for direct and indirect sales reps. Based on rave reviews of the mobile platform, Xerox quickly deployed five additional Qstream programs by October.

Developed at Harvard, Qstream offers a powerfully simple – and highly scalable – approach to managing and measuring the product knowledge and selling skills of professional sales teams. Reps respond to simple, scenario-based Q&A challenges in just minutes every few days using their smartphone or mobile device. Built- in game mechanics, including leaderboards and scoring, engage users in a competition that’s fun and non-disruptive to work time. Peer-reviewed research behind Qstream shows that the platform’s interval reinforcement approach increases retention by up to 170 percent and can make lasting change to on-the-job behaviors.

The Results

“Qstream was such a huge hit that we rolled it out globally in under four months – incredibly fast traction for an organization of Xerox’s size, ” Bushée said. “With over 92% engagement and bottom-up user adoption, Qstream has now become the de facto approach Xerox uses to follow up sales and training events. Participants called Qstream “fabulous” and “a great idea!”

“Qstream’s unique approach to knowledge retention, combined with high user engagement rates, can improve the speed at which new sales hires become productive in the field after sales training is completed, ” said Bushée. “Our teams genuinely appreciate the way Qstream helps them build confidence in their product expertise without taking time away from selling and other work tasks.”

Xerox’s management team also appreciates the graphical dashboards provided by Qstream’s Predictive Insights Engine, which sifts and analyzes response data to provide continuous real-time management updates, comparisons and trends on team capabilities, and targeted coaching actions. “This makes it easy to see how a program is going, ” Bushée said, “congratulating those who excel and spotting opportunities to make sure everyone is on track.”

About Xerox

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