Data-driven Coaching

Turn your time-pressed managers into effective sales coaches – in minutes.

High-performance sales teams and great coaching go hand in hand. Problem is that most managers don’t have the time, tools or data to coach effectively. Until now.

Through observations and system-generated coaching recommendations, Qstream’s Coaching Hub™ streamlines the process of knowing who and what to coach, and helps time-pressed managers conduct more meaningful and effective coaching based on data.

Coaching Data and Observations 

Coaching Hub brings together a range of real-time data sources in one place, including system-generated proficiency and engagement metrics, observed sales competencies, confidence ratings and CRM-triggered coaching actions to provide a complete view of team strengths. Offering a consistent coaching framework that scales for the largest enterprises, Coaching Hub gives your managers and field coaches what they need to succeed.

Capabilities Scoring with Status Indicator

Qstream’s Analytics Engine automatically calculates capabilities scores for each rep, allowing frontline managers to compare performance consistently across teams and spot opportunities for improvement. Summary dashboards feature proficiency, observed competency and confidence scores at both the team and individual rep levels for the current observation period. A tracking indicator shows the status of recorded observations, highlighting open observation requests.

Sales Competency Tracking

Single-click sales competency and confidence observations streamline the process of managing your sales competency model at scale. Recording observations for assigned competencies at both the team and rep level takes only minutes to complete with system-generated notifications to alert managers of the current reporting period. Intuitive admin tools make adding and assigning competencies fast and easy.

Time-based Performance Trends

Coaching Hub provides graphical, time-based views of observed and system-generated proficiency and confidence scores, enabling coaches to track improvement over time by team or individual sales rep.

Coaching Communication Tools and Templates

Built-in communication tools make it easy for managers and coaches to reach out to specific individuals or the entire group directly from the manager dashboard. By clicking on a recommended action, a related coaching email template appears featuring the corresponding Qstream challenge, together with recommended coaching tips.

Manager Notes and Reminders

Managers and coaches can create and manage private notes within the individual rep’s coaching record, and these can be edited or deleted at any time. Private notes can be a “to do” list of coaching reminders, or any other free-form note that a sales manager wants to capture.

Individual Coaching Timelines

Qstream’s coaching timeline tracks all interactions between the frontline manager or sales coach and the individual rep, including system-generated coaching actions, private observations and direct messages.

Coaching Activity Report

Qstream helps executives gain insight into the effectiveness of their sales coaching program through real-time online coaching activity reports. A graphical dashboard reveals the number of current coaching actions identified, as well as resolution status against any filter.

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