Deleting Users

Qstream has recently extended the ability for Site Owners to delete users from a site.

⚠️ Important Note: Deleting a user from a site permanently deletes that user. This action cannot be undone.

You can do this by clicking on User Admin and then choosing Manage Users.

Choose the users you’d like to delete, either by searching for them or by uploading a CSV file. Once you’ve confirmed the choices, click Delete.


After you click on Delete, you’ll need to confirm that you really want to delete the chosen users by typing the number of users to be deleted.

Click Submit to finish this request. Once you click Submit, you cannot stop or reverse the delete user process. 

Other Important Information

When you delete a user from the site, all of their data will be permanently deleted and no longer visible in Qstream reports/data exports.

This includes all of the information related to the user including:

  • All user profile information including name, email address, etc.
  • Enrollments
  • Answers submitted for questions
  • Course comments and reviews



If the user is registered on other Qstream site, only data relating to the user on this site will be permanently deleted. Any data relating to the user on other sites will remain untouched.

Example use case: if Susan is registered on two different Qstream sites (A & B) and you delete her as a user from Site A, she will remain registered on Site B, unless she is deleted also from Site B.