Ability to Change the Time of Push Notifications

We have a number of customers who were asking for the ability to not send push notifications to their participants outside of working hours. Many of these customers are in countries where doing so is against the law (Germany, France, and Japan specifically). With our latest release, there is now an option to set what time participants receive these notifications on their devices.

In Site Settings, you’ll see a new field to set the time. It’s based on the 24-hour clock so if you want a 2pm delivery time, be sure to set this field to 14. 

If you choose not to do anything, the default setting remains at 8am.

There are a few considerations around this new feature to keep in mind…

Multiple sites: If a user has (had) enrollments on multiple sites, then the notification hour from each site is evaluated, and the MINIMUM of these is used as the hour in which to notify the user’s device(s). This prevents the user getting multiple notifications throughout the day – and their app having confusing and misleading badge counts.

Device timezone: The native app has its own understanding of the user’s timezone based on where it was last used, i.e. if the Notification hour is “9″ – and the user’s timezone is a Japanese one, but they last used their native app in the UK – then they will get a notification on their native app after 9AM UK time. Only when they use the native app again in Japan will the native apps timezone revert to a Japanese timezone.

Let us know if you have any questions!