Enterprise Ready

Qstream delivers all of the security, reliability and scale that IT demands.

Designed for large-scale enterprise deployments, Qstream is securely delivered from the cloud. Available in 18 languages, it’s the ideal solution for complex global deployments in regulated industries where the security of user information and content is mission critical.

Mobile Convenience

Qstream runs in any iOS, Android or Windows desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile environment via Qstream’s native app, Web mail, or from within Salesforce.com Sales Cloud.

Enterprise-grade Security

In compliance with industry best practices, extensive user- and role-based security protects the integrity of your valuable user data, analytics and content, including regular security audits and documented employee protocols and standards.

Rock-solid Reliability

Qstream’s infrastructure includes multiple redundancies to ensure ultimate reliability and scale during peak usage times. Our dedicated network operations team manages security, performance and reliability, backed by an automated monitoring system. Extensive user- and role-based security protects the integrity of your valuable user data, analytics and content.

Multi-region data hosting

Qstream supports multi-region data hosting where proximity to the end user is important for compliance requirements.

Adaptive Delivery Algorithm

Every day the Qstream platform delivers tens of thousands of challenges via notifications and email while constantly recalculating personalized delivery schedules for every participant using a proprietary adaptive algorithm to optimize knowledge retention and user engagement. 

Syncs Across Devices

Qstream optimizes growing investments in enterprise mobile and tablet deployments with sophisticated technology that syncs challenges and other information so they’re always up to date regardless of which device is used.

Flexible Admin Controls

Qstream gives system admins significant control over how their site operates, including privacy settings, audience restrictions, comment publishing and content review processes. Also set question frequency, schedule, mastery requirements and completion instructions.

Salesforce.com Integration

Qstream works seamlessly within Salesforce.com and Veeva CRM enabling your team to access their challenges and dashboards from directly within the CRM.  Data-level integration lets system administrators easily combine CRM data – pipeline, forecast, sales KPIs – with Qstream proficiency and engagement data for a more predictive view of job performance.

Qstream API

With the Qstream API, functions such as user management and enrollment can be automated and integrated with other external systems. This is ideal for adding new hires, removing former employees or enrolling users in Qstream based on job role or location tags.

Automated User Management

Batch registration let admins manage thousands of users in one go, including user tagging, default language and custom welcome message. User accounts can also be created and managed via synchronization with third-party systems such as Salesforce.com and Veeva CRM, including management hierarchy and roles.

Single Sign-on Support

Support for single sign-on (SSO) technologies, including Active Directory (Microsoft® Windows), Okta, Salesforce.com and LDAP, centralizes Qstream access control within common IT security policies and eliminates the need for additional login credentials..

Multi-Language Support

Full Unicode support lets you deploy Qstream in 18 languages out of the box, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish and more.

Customer Branding

Easy-to-use tools let you quickly customize the look and feel of your private Qstream site, adding logos and messages to your home page and notification emails.  Advanced branding options are also available.