Financial Services

Helping leading financial services firms build trusted customer relationships.

The financial services industry is in a period of strenuous competition, and cautious scrutiny from customers and regulators. The only way to gain an edge is to confidently deliver value that enhances customer relationships and financial positions, differentiates your brand and meet financial targets. This is all against a backdrop of stringent compliance procedures and regulatory mandates.

Over 1 in 5 of the top 50 financial services firms rely on Qstream to support their customer-facing teams to retain critical and diverse information on products, markets and procedures and coach advisors to shape value-driven, compliant customer conversations.

Leading financial services companies use Qstream to respond to a rapidly changing market and:

  • Deliver a unified customer experience across advisory, relationship management, customer service and other channels
  • Minimize risk by ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Develop advisor expertise and financial advice across a diverse product portfolio
  • Align messaging and behaviors for new products, services and corporate positioning
  • Drive engagement with distribution and channel partners or agents
  • Respond quickly to new competitive threats

Wealth Management

Success today depends on your advisors’ ability to maintain and expand the customer base, but it’s not easy. Advisors must stay current on your firm’s diverse portfolio, rolling out new investment and wealth management options as they become available. They must have razor-sharp knowledge and the ability to quickly respond to change, including responses to competitive threats.  They also need deep regulatory expertise – not just for your customers’ sake, but to avoid compliance issues that could lead to hefty fines. Qstream can help.

Commercial Banking

In commercial banking, diversification equals survival. Expanded offerings present new opportunities to attract more business. treasury management. merchant services, corporate cards and lines of credit. Customer relationship managers must quickly absorb the right messaging and bring consistency to each customer engagement. Qstream makes that happen by scaling relevant knowledge across your entire organization in minutes a day.

Commercial and Wholesale Insurance

Commercial insurance companies maintain a deep product portfolio of loan assurance, risk assessment, liability, fraud protection and more. In this era of commoditization, how can agents and account managers bring it all to market with clear differentiators and the confidence to fulfill customer needs? Qstream can get your insurance agents where they need to be to expedite purchase cycles and make sure every business opportunity is optimized.