Life Sciences

Helping the biggest life sciences organizations achieve  better patient outcomes.

The life sciences industry is fiercely competitive, intensely regulated, and complex….and the stakes are high. So how can those at the cold face of life sciences companies absorb the critical knowledge needed to deliver value to the healthcare industry?

That’s why leading life sciences brands – in pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotech and more – use Qstream to ensure teams are at the peak of readiness, in just minutes a day. With our science-based approach to behavior change, Qstream helps develops great organizations and high-performing employees without disrupting their day.

Leading life sciences companies use Qstream to:

Pharma Commercial Operations

Here’s why Qstream is used by 14 of the world’s top 15 pharma companies: with limited time in front of physicians and even less time to prepare, medical sales reps rely on our scientifically proven approach to ensure they are ready to add value. With unprecedented insight into what reps are prepared to bring to every physician interaction, Qstream helps market leaders manage regulatory and revenue risk at scale. Now with advanced Veeva CRM integration pharma commercial leaders can now manage, measure and coach sales teams to new levels of engagement and effectiveness.

Pharma Clinical Operations

Clinical research leaders and training managers are responsible for equipping site monitors to record clinical research data accurately and securely – to, first and foremost, minimize patient risk, as well as keeping new drug launches on time and on budget by avoiding errors or misrepresentations. It may seem impossible for site monitors to keep up, which is why targeted and continuous support, training, and coaching is essential.

Pharma Medical Affairs

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) play a critical role in efforts to bring innovative therapies and medicines to patients. They typically have advanced training and doctoral degrees in the life sciences to support their role as educators to physicians and other opinion leaders. Internally, they collaborate with R&D colleagues and consult with pharma sales reps who rely on their expertise to address specific questions that come up in the field. They need to be expert, on point, accurate and compliant. Find out how Avanir Medical Affairs is enabling MSLs to do their job better.


The race to develop better products in biotech can make it difficult for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Companies are delving deeper into specialized and even personalized therapies. A growing market and government demand for higher-value outcomes, biotech reps need to be experts in their own products, but those of the competition, with customers (aka patients) – top of mind in every conversation.

Medical Devices

In the midst of one of the most significant transformations in healthcare history, the medical device industry is seeing increased competition, tighter regulation and new purchasing requirements that make every sales engagement more valuable than ever. That’s why 7 of the 10 leading medical device companies rely on Qstream to help their sellers and channel partners make the most of every opportunity.