Helping the world’s most innovative tech companies compete more effectively.

With the rise of new innovation, competitors and mergers, technology companies must respond quickly to maintain market share.  IT buyers are some of the best-prepared and skeptical of any industry, requiring sales reps to speak their language and deliver a compelling value proposition.

That’s why high-tech leaders like Autodesk, Snow Software, Veeam, SDL,  and others use Qstream to hone sales competencies, and deliver value throughout the sales cycle.

Leading technology companies use Qstream to:

  • Reduce sales cycles and increase win rates
  • Align messaging and execution for new product launches
  • Maintain sales momentum after a merger or acquisition, and cross-sell acquired products
  • Deliver exceptional coaching

Software and Internet

The efficiency of the SaaS model has created a new business technology standard – and fundamentally transformed the way tech sales reps work. Rather than pitch a one-time software sale, reps must constantly appeal to customers and maintain relationships. Or risk clients walking away.

To secure renewals and incremental sales, sales reps have to bring more than just products to the table. By using Qstream to build and reinforce critical skills, you’ll turn transactional sales reps into software consultants who add value and cultivate trust.

Computers and Electronics

Hardware firms are continuously expanding their product offerings beyond general computing, networking and storage. Converged infrastructures and virtualization have added complexity to the sales engagement, forcing reps to understand the sum and its parts. And know-how to convey it all with simplicity and value.

Qstream can help reps quickly absorb the know-how and skills to guide the conversation, and show frontline sales managers which reps need coaching, and which topics need work.

Managed IT Services and Consulting

Technical expertise and reliability, global delivery and operational excellence– four essential IT traits that must be communicated in every sales conversation. Managed service providers must get customers to determine their mission-critical applications are in solid, confident hands.

In just minutes a day, our data-driven platform improves the proficiency of your consultants, while delivering insights into subject matter expertise and coaching recommendations that can help make every sales call their very best one.