New Insights Dashboard

Qstream is excited to share that our new Insights dashboard is live for all customers. This is the first dashboard created especially for Site Owners and Program Managers, designed to give valuable insights across all Qstreams, past and present, at a glance.

The Insights dashboard is intuitive, easily accessible and provides a window into how participants are performing. Whether it’s the number of participants who have yet to start or the proficiency improvement across Qstreams, our new dashboard gives you an easy way to see exactly what’s happening.

You can access even more data by clicking on the more icon (the three dots) at the very left of each individual Qstream card. Doing that will provide you with the option to access the Manager Dashboard, view comments left on that particular Qstream or download question attempts.

In addition to building this new dashboard, we’ve also spruced up all the existing reports. You can navigate to these reports from each individual Qstream card. Once there, you’ll see…

  • Brighter colors and an improved grey background, providing a better experience when viewing data
  • Links to export data are more prominent so that they won’t be missed
  • A better dropdown menu so that long Qstream names are fully displayed. No more guessing which Qstream you’re looking at or scrolling through a long list with similar names.



This feature is available only in English. If you’d like to revert to your original dashboard display, feel free to contact your Qstream Client Services representative or if you’re using Google Chrome, the translate feature can help.