Enabling a Coaching Culture that Motivates Sales Teams at Scale

Too often, front-line managers lack time and the objective insight into individual development needed to be an effective coach; someone who can successfully motivate sales teams to perform at their optimum and meet sales KPIs quarter-on-quarter. The task is set for sales management and sales enablement departments to foster a coaching culture that supports time-pressed sales and Inside Sales managers in becoming successful coaches.

Listen into this on-demand webcast where Larry Reeves of AA-ISP and Patrick Gunn, VP of International Sales for Qstream, discuss the importance of building a coaching culture. You’ll also get some practical tips on:

  • Assessing the baseline capabilities of sales executives
  • Building a competency-based sales development model
  • Implementing a coaching culture that provides motivation and measurement
  • Establishing a data-driven approach to manager-coach enablement
  • Measuring coaching effectiveness to adapt and support a continuous coaching culture

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