Sales Management Association Research: Salesperson Onboarding

This report identifies the staffing challenges faced by sales forces, and  quantifies onboarding’s considerable impact on new salesperson success rates, time-to productivity, and staffing turnover. Here is a teaser of the findings to benchmark your own sales onboarding practices against:

  • Just 38% consider their salesperson onboarding effective
  • 9.7 weeks is spent on average in training and development activities, however just 55% of all new hire salespeople are successful 24 months from hire
  • Only about three in 10 firms (29%) say their new hire salespeople are knowledgeable about their industry, and fewer, just 15%, are knowledgeable about the competitive landscape.

This suggests that getting new salespeople up the productivity curve is a priority applicable to most new hires. But doing so takes too long in management’s view, 68% of whom say their new salesperson developmental ramp should be shorter.

Get the full report here, and contact Qstream to set up a call to discuss your sales onboarding challenges and needs.

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