The pharma rep of tomorrow, today.

Fast-track a new paradigm for your sales reps and MSLs

Your reps may have sales skills, and your MSLs may improved access and therapy knowledge, but that’s not how they’ll define their future success. The minimum expectation will be far higher: we need trust creators, data sourcers, inspiring educators, fonts of patient insight, entrepreneurial line-managers and customer experience generators – all within a single person!

How can one rep deliver so much? It’s certainly a big ask. They need to be armed with knowledge and tools that go way beyond what is imagined today. Our customers have been given higher expectations by their experiences outside of pharma; they’re working with yet-higher expectations from patients, and now it’s time for us to catch up. We’ve organised a free webinar to ensure we now walk the talk, support the development of pharma reps, lift the role of medical affairs and truly deliver on a patient-centric mandate.

Our expert panel will cover:

  • The key steps being taken by forward-thinking companies to move reps away from a transactional to value-creating engagement
  • The benefits and delivery of data-driven insights into a rep’s capabilities
  • How enablement and training programs for reps and MSLs are changing to realise patient centricity
  • The new skills needed to gain true partnership with medical professionals


  • Paul Simms, Chairman, eyeforpharma
  • Ludovic Hacopian, Head Worldwide Field Medical & Medical Effectiveness, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Chris Gish, Former- Vice President Sales- US, Sunovian
  • Patrik Grandit, Managing Director, Head of Commercial Operations EMEA, Oncology, Daiichi Sankyo
  • David Ventura, Director- Sales and Marketing, CSL Behring
  • Michael Connolly, Director – Pharma Accounts EMEA, Qstream

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