On-demand Webcast: Why Your Onboarding Process Is Broken & How to Fix It

On-Demand Webcast: Why Your Sales Onboarding Process Is Broken & How to Fix It

Still think it takes “10,000 Hours” to master a new skill? New research shows that greatness is not based on quantity, but rather on the quality of “deliberate practice,” or mastering a skill by focusing on the sub-skills that comprise it.

The first, and perhaps most important learning activity for your sales team is their initial onboarding period, yet many companies ignore what happens after boot camp, or how to activate learning in the field.

In this on-demand webinar, co-sponsored by The Sales Management Association (SMA), we’ll discuss how to apply deliberate practice to your sales onboarding strategy, including:

•  Identifying the capabilities of your top performers and the specific sub-skills that must be mastered for success

•  Mapping your onboarding program to your unique sales process and customer’s path to purchase, with specific criteria for each

•  The role of sales managers in creating a continuous feedback loop of coaching

•  The benefit of mobile applications to reinforce and motivate continuous practice, long after boot camp

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