ATD TechKnowledge 2021

Virtual Conference | January 25 – 28, 2021

Technology is evolving the way people learn and the way they work. We’ve learned more about the needs and demands of technology in the last year than ever before. You’re invited to embrace this change at an experience that meets you at your level and shows you the path forward. Whether you’re looking for new ways to use the technology you have or different solutions to achieve better results, TechKnowledge will deliver. Join us as we embark on a learning experience unlike any other at TechKnowledge.


Classroom Session Details:

Learning Analytics that Deliver Business Outcomes: A New Model for the Remote Workforce

Tuesday, January 26 | 2:45 – 3:45 pm ET


The analytics accessible in corporate training today is for tracking course completion which doesn’t show if training is tied to overall organizational performance. In today’s remote world, organizations need new insights that prove people are learning and remembering training content and that the organization is performance ready with respect to what’s being taught. Understanding this substantiates training effectiveness and its corresponding outcome-impact on the growth and strategy of the business.

In this session, learn how the world’s best-known enterprise organizations are obtaining and utilizing robust analytics to:

  1. Assess and evaluate the engagement and proficiency levels of individual learners at a global scale.
  2. Give managers access to real-time proficiency analytics to provide performance support to remote learners.
  3. Make data-based decisions and quantify the value of learning programs in order to justify the ROI and impact it has on business objectives.





Rich Lanchantin


Byte-Sized Learning & Solutions Showcase Session

Qstream Product Demo: Learning Analytics to Improve Remote Employee Performance

Thursday, January 28 | 1:15 – 1:45 pm ET


Qstream’s science-proven software is the best method to reach and teach your remote workforce. It helps L&D teams deliver training in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Engage learners, reinforce their knowledge, and prove proficiency growth through actionable analytics. Join us for a demonstration of how Qstream provides the best microlearning experience for remote learners, and by doing so shows a measurable return on learning investments.


Bryony McIndoeBryony McIndoe
Product Manager