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In this eBook, Brandon Hall Group explains not only the importance of compliance training but also how to develop a strategy that effectively develops your workforce, mitigates risk, meets regulatory requirements and drives business outcomes.


Avoiding the Trap of “One-Size-Fits-All” Sales Enablement

Call center worker accompanied by her team. Smiling customer support operator at work. Young employee working with a headset.

As sales enablement grows and its value is better understood, the actual responsibilities of enablement practitioners are also expanding. High-performing sales enablement teams are aligning their efforts with the most pressing needs of an organization so they can articulate the risks, as well as the rewards, of executing a successful sales enablement program.

In this live, interactive session, Peter Ostrow of SiriusDecisions discusses:

  • How SiriusDecisions’ “Sales Enablement Range of Responsibilities Model” can be used to understand your potential scope of effort and benchmark your current program
  • Sales enablement’s required interlock between key internal constituents, including sales leadership, sales operations, product marketing, learning and development, and HR
  • The need for continuous sales development through individualized learning paths, ongoing reinforcement, competency alignment, and assessed proficiencies
  • Tips for identifying the most relevant sales enablement KPIs and performance metrics