Clinical Trial Innovation Summit

About the event:

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 8th Annual Clinical Trial Innovation Summit brings together 300+ leaders from across pharma, biotech and academia for the perfect blend of high quality presentations and intimate networking. Through case studies, interactive discussions and an active exhibit hall, the summit delivers the real-world experiences and best practices needed to optimize clinical trial planning and management. Presentations span across the most complex areas of trial management, including patient recruitment, patient engagement, site selection, study start-up, data analytics, integrating data and tech into clinical trials, mobile technologies, project management, quality (QbD) in trial conduct and risk-based monitoring. The Clinical Trial Innovation Summit also explores the growing intersection of pharma and healthcare in the area of digital therapeutics.



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Speaking Session:


Reduce Clinical Trial Risk and Cost: Enable Site Monitors to Think Critically and Improve Proficiency


Site monitors are critical to the success of clinical research and trials, especially to support RBM process improvements. They play a key role in reducing risk and ensuring patient safety.  With regulations and corporate standard operating procedures (SOPs) are rapidly evolving or updated mid-trial, traditional approaches to training, such as classroom, one-directional eLearning, or sending trainers on site, can be ineffective and cost prohibitive to deliver. Join this talk to learn:

  • How to use data to identify training and enablement knowledge gaps
  • The value of challenge based learning in developing critical thinking skills and behavior change
  • Which metrics to use to ensure ROI on training investments


Liz Wool, Principal Consultant, Qstream

Liz has 28 years of clinical research experience and is a recognized  industry subject matter expert, trainer, and international speaker with a  focus on solutions and added value results for clients. Liz’s expertise cover clinical research, trial management, monitoring,  clinical quality management systems, vendor management and oversight,  compliance, operations, personnel training and development, and,  performance management methods. As principal consultant at Qstream, Liz focuses on enabling training and enablement needs with scalable training technology solutions to improve site monitor performance, RBM adoption, SOP adherence and overall clinical operation effectiveness in support of clinical trial and organizational goals.