Enabling Sales Reps to have Value-Added Conversations


The healthcare industry has always been a fast-paced environment, but recent circumstances of the pandemic have accelerated this more. As a result, the amount of time pharmaceutical sales representatives have with physicians has decreased dramatically. Now pharmaceutical firms are looking for new ways to maximize sales effectiveness. Sales training for pharmaceutical reps has shifted to becoming more knowledgeable, better at relationship building, and creating more patient-centric experiences.

Watch this session and get expert advice from Michael Connolly, Director of Sales for Life Sciences at Qstream, who will share how he’s working with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies with learning technologies for:

  • Efficiently maximizing information retention for improving knowledge and skills to boost performance.
  • Shaping a patient-centric sales engagement, assisting with technical knowledge transfer, and enhancing rep behaviors.
  • Providing managers with a full understanding of individual and team capabilities to measure and track knowledge gaps to take action where improvements are most needed.