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In this eBook, Brandon Hall Group explains not only the importance of compliance training but also how to develop a strategy that effectively develops your workforce, mitigates risk, meets regulatory requirements and drives business outcomes.


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training in the Life Sciences Industry

Life science training professionals need to demonstrate the value of their programs, but don’t have the tools to do so. The data available in traditional training methods doesn’t show how training affected an employee’s skills development or performance. Metrics that show proficiency allow training managers to identify employee’s knowledge and skill gaps and executives to reduce organizational risk. These insights also give frontline managers the ability to provide additional training and coaching to improve the overall performance of their teams. Watch this on-demand session from the LTEN Annual Conference to learn how microlearning technology helps the top life sciences companies obtain proficiency analytics to successfully prove the ROI of training programs.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What learning metrics are needed to develop an understanding of knowledge gaps and engagement.
  • How knowledge reinforcement allows you to collect the objective data you need to understand gaps or weaknesses in individual learners, teams, or the content.
  • How engaging leadership with real-time analytics can inform future priorities and investments.



Paul Kortick
Director of Sales, Life Sciences