Expanding Remote Learning to Engage All Sales Forces Across Regions


More and more sales teams are adapting to remote selling, especially with the impact of COVID-19. This can be challenging for salespeople who aren’t used to remote selling, as it requires different skills from in-person sales. Now more than ever, organizations need good virtual sales learning and development programs that can scale across teams, across countries and across the world.

As enablement leaders are scrambling to turn face-to-face sales training into online programs, sales leaders are trying to figure out how to stretch themselves to engage their reps and coach them for development.

We’re here to help. Validity and Qstream put on a webinar that shows you how to take your virtual sales training beyond Zoom workshops and eLearning courses and transform them into microlearning to maximize reinforcement and improve proficiency. Watch this session and you will learn:

  • How to engage every sales team in ongoing learning and development opportunities that keeps them productive while selling remotely.
  • How you can capture proficiency analytics to have insights into your sales teams so managers can coach to gaps in real-time.
  • How a high-tech organization scaled their sales training programs to ensure product knowledge was being reinforced and communicated consistently across different regions, across their sales teams and across their resellers.