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How Proficiency Drives Sales Performance


Sales is all about numbers. Always has been, always will be. So, it’s no wonder that sales organizations have tried to measure…everything.

But more and more, we’re finding that success comes down to measuring three things: Performance, Productivity and Proficiency. What we call, “The 3 Ps.”

Every sales organization measures the performance of its sales team — the results of their efforts.

Most also track the productivity of each individual sales rep — what they do every day.

But the third “P”, can be harder to get at, and that’s Proficiency.

See, Proficiency isn’t about what sales reps do, its about how well they do it. In many ways, its the most valuable measurement.

Our customers can measure and improve proficiency at a global scale, and they can draw a direct connection between that and key business metrics like quota attainment, pipeline conversion, and time to productivity. It’s a game changer!

And here’s why.

All sales people “do” things. They make calls, they deliver presentations and demos, etc. And those things create results.

So, if all your sales people are doing basically the same things, why aren’t they all producing the same results?

The reason is that some reps do those things really well, and some reps don’t. Some are simply more proficient than others.

Measuring proficiency not only helps you make sense of those results — to know if they are good or bad at discovery, for example — it tells you where you can help.

And ultimately, that’s what sales enablement is all about.

We spend a lot of time, money and energy developing sales people, taking them out of the field for training, and creating reams of content. But how effective is it all, really? How much of it even sticks? Does it really lead to better performance?

There hasn’t been a way to definitively answer that question…until now.

Today, Qstream gives sales enablement teams the tools they’ve always needed to measure and improve Proficiency, and link it to business outcomes.

Qstream shows you where your reps are strong, and where they need help. So that you can provide more focused learning, coaching and deal support — just the right training at just the right time.

No more random acts of sales support.

And you can continuously reinforce that knowledge in a way that your reps love: on their mobile devices, in just minutes a day. And guess what? It works!

Best of all, Qstream’s native CRM integration helps you link Proficiency to Performance, and monitor your team’s progress over time. Now you’ll finally know how your enablement programs affect win rates, market share, and other KPIs.

Everyone with a stake in sales performance benefits from Qstream’s ability to measure Proficiency, and connect it to real business outcomes.

This is the future of sales enablement. And it’s right here in the palm of your hand.

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