Improving Remote Sales Learning



COVID-19 forced sales organizations to embrace virtual selling models, and to virtually provision sales learning and development (L&D) activity. While available technology has proved useful in this effort, many firms have still met with unsatisfactory outcomes. As a result, many organizations are reevaluating their sales L&D investments, resources, and strategies in light of the pandemic’s persistent impact.

Bob Kelly of The Sales Management Association – and a panel of experts – shared new research during this webinar on the future of sales learning in a post-pandemic market.

This panel examined how firms are adapting, implications for the sales L&D function’s future, and best practices for keeping remote sales learners engaged.

  • Best practice approaches to assessing knowledge levels, stimulating learner engagement, and reinforcing learning;
  • Evolving sales training to a virtual model to create scale, leverage, and adapt to the new selling reality:
  • The value of connecting the dots between sales development, enablement, and engagement data to ensure training is reinforced and results are measurable;
  • Practical, “how-to” approaches including case study examples from leaders who have evolved to a digital selling model.


Gary Greenberger
Gary Greenberger
VP Sales

Jeff McKittrick
Managing Director of Digital Sales Strategies
The Revenue Enablement Institute

Sonia Duncan
Director of Programs & Certification
Richardson Sales Performance

Bob Kelly_The Sales Management AssociationBob Kelly
Sales Management Association