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Microlearning: Promoting Measurable Engagement to Drive Business Performance


Learning engagement is often thought of as a measure that only reflects participation, or simply completion, in a course. What’s needed is an engaging learning experience that results in knowledge mastery and has a direct effect on people’s performance toward business objectives. To address this, Jiani Wu, an expert instructional designer, and Qstream, a microlearning delivery technology, brought together a conversation to help you design content for high and positive learner engagement within your organization. Together, they redefine learning engagement and help you envision an enjoyable experience that motivates employees to acquire and retain the knowledge and skills to advance job performance and consequently drive business objectives.

During this on-demand webinar you will learn about how:

  • To design an active, enjoyable, and engaging learning experience that cognitively challenges learners via testing, spacing, and reinforcement
  • To confirm engagement and learning responses that demonstrate employees have reached required proficiency levels
  • Engagement and proficiency metrics generate analytics to identify business risks and opportunities related to people skills



Dr. Jiani Wu
Instructional Designer
Rhode Island College

Jiani Wu’s research and learning design is rooted in the micro adaptive gamified inclusive collaborative (MAGIC) model. She is a champion for personalized learning experiences and informed learning initiatives through data analytics. Her expertise and passion have led to many adventures such as hosting a TV show, building mentor-based e-learning products for startups, and conducting learning design consultations for organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Learning, MassChallenge, and LearnLaunch.

Jiani loves to facilitate learning and enhance social connections, and she believes that everyone comes to this earth with a mission: to harness natural and learned talents to benefit our planet and beyond. To further this, she hopes to leverage learning efforts that are personal, engaging, and inspiring. Jiani obtained her doctoral degree in instructional design from Boston University. She works as an instructional designer at Rhode Island College and is on a mission to publish a book focusing on effective L&D initiatives.