Qcert Micro-Certification

Does your certification process reinforce the knowledge employees need to be proficient and performance-ready?

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Microlearning for Certification That Sticks

Qcert micro-certification is part of the Qstream mobile microlearning solution which delivers, reinforces, and tests the knowledge and job skills needed to perform on the job in accordance with a minimum performance threshold.

Qcert Benefits

Take mandatory internal certification to a whole new level with Qcert. Engage learners, reinforce knowledge and skills for the long-term…and know what your learners know or don’t know.

Set Performance Threshold

Combines the power of knowledge reinforcement with the ability to certify that a learner has achieved the requisite level of proficiency on a given subject based on configurable threshold levels.

  • Set minimum required performance thresholds
  • Schedule and run certification program using Qstream algorithms (Classic, Turbo, Lightning)
  • An average 93% participation rate drives timely completion of the assessment process
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Test and Reinforce

Use microlearning challenges and knowledge reinforcement to ensure long-term retention of knowledge and proficiency gains as part of the process.

  • Reinforce job-critical knowledge through microlearning challenges
  • Test mastery and uncover knowledge gaps
  • Keep certification evergreen and continuous
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Quantify and Certify

Demonstrate the value of your certification program or uncover areas of risk.

  • Create a certification record
  • Visualize certification trends across the organization
  • Prescribe additional training based on results
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Use Qcert for Any Internal Compliance Program

  • Sales certification
  • Product knowledge
  • Pricing

  • Competitor knowledge
  • Process and procedure
  • Regulatory knowledge

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  • OH&S procedures
  • Customer services standards
  • Soft skills mastery