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Qstream Participant Experience

Qstream Participant Video Transcript:

Getting started with Qstream is simple. As a participant you will receive a
welcome email to get started. This will let you know that you’ve been
enrolled in a challenge and able to answer questions immediately from your
device. Scrolling down, you’ll see your first question to answer. Once
connected, you’ll be prompted to create a password for your Qstream
account for future access. Next, read your first question and choose the
answer you think best applies. Results and feedback will appear
immediately. From here, you can easily see if you got the answer correct or
not, as well as compare your results to peers. In addition, you’ll see your
total score and if you qualify for bonus points when the question repeats.

Moving down to the explanation section, you’ll find a critical component of
the Qstream experience. The explanation reinforces the key messaging that
you want your participants to remember long-term. If you have more
questions to answer you can simply move on, but before you do that don’t
forget to check out the leaderboard standings. You’ll also be able to leave a
comment, to share your thoughts on the Qstream experience, encourage
team members, or provide feedback on the questions. Once you finish that,
simply scroll back up and click ‘next question’ to continue. Repeat the
process until you’ve answered all of your available questions for the day. If
needed to use on the go, make sure to download the Qstream mobile native
app. Any further questions, contact your Qstream program manager.