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Qstream Salesforce Integration

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Unlock the Power of Your CRM Investment with the First Sales Capabilities Engine for Integration Video Transcript:

CRM software is crucial for any business today. It helps you manage loads of data, track activities and forecasts, and even prescribe process steps and sales content. But it doesn’t close deals. Your people do.

Without the ability to address the human side of selling, your CRM investment simply falls short.

That’s why we integrated Qstream with

Qstream ensures that your sales teams are prepared to add value in every customer conversation by reinforcing and measuring the selling capabilities that matter most.

With Qstream’s sales performance platform, you can build teams that excel — consistently and effectively — from the first call to signed deals, from one quarter to the next.

In fact, companies that use Qstream have improved annual quota attainment by 20% or more.

Here’s how:

Sales reps respond to brief Q&A challenges from within or Salesforce1, an approach proven to boost sales knowledge.

Game mechanics keep reps engaged in competitions that are fun and non-disruptive to selling time.

Qstream then analyzes response data to deliver info on team strengths and coaching opportunities, from within the Qstream sales manager tab — or, as a report added to your Salesforce dashboard.

Single-sign on, user and organization synchronization, and all the security your IT group demands are just a few more things to love about Qstream.

Together with, we help you measure, manage, and coach your teams to new levels of engagement and effectiveness — making your sales reps’ next call their very best one.

Unlock the power of with Qstream. Contact us now to schedule a demo.