Remote Training for Product Launches: Maximizing Returns


Successful product launches for new drugs and medical devices rely on training that ensures that commercial teams are armed with information. Product and marketing teams invest significant time and money to create new content on product knowledge, industry news and regulatory changes. Training teams create courses for sales reps on how to explain complex scientific and technical product knowledge to physicians.

When the training is over, reps are expected to remember everything they’ve learned in a short amount of time. Too often, traditional learning methods don’t support the knowledge reinforcement that is such an essential component of the product launch.

Watch this LTEN webinar, sponsored by Qstream, as we help you rethink your current product launch training plans to avoid costly risk mistakes, to prevent product launch failure and to capitalize on new markets. Presented by Qstream CEO Rich Lanchantin, the webinar answered the following questions:

  • Does your training program give reps and managers the confidence to remember and communicate different disease states of a new drug?
  • Will reps be able to continue to communicate the right message and share the right information a month, three months, or six months after the product launch?
  • Do managers have insight into analytics that show training and knowledge risks areas to invest in those areas of greatest learning need on a team and individual level?
  • How can you deliver engaging product training programs as part of your remote learning strategy?


Rich Lanchantin

John Sjovall
Executive Director, Sales Training
SK Life Sciences

Monica Gillison
Senior Manager, Sales Training
SK Life Sciences