Rethinking the Measurement of Training Impact

Rethinking the Measurement of Training Impact

More and more life science training professionals want to prove the ROI of their programs, but forget about the most important measures that are needed to successfully demonstrate their value to the organization. Metrics on sales proficiency and engagement are the most valuable to validate if sales reps are prepared and have confidence in real customer situations. Using this data allows organizations to create value and get buy-in from the management by connecting training efforts to performance.

This session provides ways to show that training improves business outcomes, including:

  • What learning metrics are needed to develop an understanding of knowledge gaps and engagement.
  • How knowledge reinforcement allows you to collect the objective data you need to understand gaps or weaknesses in individual learners, teams, or the content.
  • Engage leadership with real-time analytics that can inform future priorities and investments.


Paul Kortick
Director of Sales – Life Sciences