Training 2021 Virtual Conference

Training 2021 Virtual Conference
February 8-12, 2021


We keep being reminded how much training matters. And we are learning more than ever before that virtual training matters, too. Explore these themes and more during five days that will challenge you, inspire you and engage you in unique content that helps you create the new reality of learning and work. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to learn, reflect and play with your training colleagues from around the world — online February 8 to 12!


Speaking Session:

Efficiently Building and Delivering Highly Engaging Microlearning

Thursday, February 11 | 4 – 5 pm ET

Microlearning is the ideal solution in today’s fast paced corporate training world. Employees need learning to be easily accessible and provide need-based information enabling the improvement of knowledge retention and proficiency at work. Participate in this demo of Qstream to see how to design microlearning content and deploy cost-effective learning that raises and sustains engagement.



David Resendes
Marketing Manager