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In this eBook, Brandon Hall Group explains not only the importance of compliance training but also how to develop a strategy that effectively develops your workforce, mitigates risk, meets regulatory requirements and drives business outcomes.


Accelerating Sales New Hire Onboarding

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Our software’s mobile, data-driven approach lets you manage time to productivity with insight, getting the right new hires up to speed faster and more effectively.


Finding, onboarding and retaining great sales people is a challenge. Even though companies spend billions hiring qualified candidates, it can still take 9 months – or more – to get new reps up to speed.

During that time you can’t help but wonder… Do I have the right people? Can they do the job? How can I get them selling faster? But taking shortcuts usually leads to poor performance and high turnover that keeps you from achieving your goals.

Well, Qstream can help. Our software’s mobile, data-driven approach lets you manage time to productivity with insight, getting new hires up to speed faster and more effectively.

Here’s how… Even for the most experienced rep, it’s a new job, a new company, and there’s a lot to know. Launching a series of Qstream challenges prior to boot camp sets a baseline for knowledge, skills, and confidence against the selling capabilities that matter most.

With only days to absorb new product information, messages, and more during initial training, this baseline helps your team tailor the most effective program for your new recruits.

Once on the job, Qstream provides continuous reinforcement of new skills and information, delivering short scenario-based sales challenges to the rep’s mobile device every few days.

Analyzing this response data in real-time, Qstream gives front-line sales managers targeted coaching tips that accelerate the development of new hires during those first months on the job. This data-driven approach helps you measure and manage the readiness of your new sales reps as they progress through their onboarding program.

By correlating their sales capabilities score against other metrics, such as activity levels, pipeline growth, and time to first deal, you know for sure your new reps are ready to win. The bottom line? Sales people with great onboarding get up to speed 34% faster. Ready to learn more? Request a live demo today.