What Brain Science Can Teach Us About Learning for Retention & Behavior Change

Rear view of African American female medical school professor teaching students about human brain.

Training and enablement pros often talk about the differences between “hard” and “soft” skills development, but struggle to translate those distinctions into practice when it comes to actual execution of their programs. While both hard and soft skills are critical for a variety of roles, the process of learning and adopting them successfully is distinctly unique, and requires different approaches for design, delivery, and reinforcement.

Todd Maddox of Amalgam Insights and Qstream CEO Rich Lanchantin, will tackle this challenge through the lens of brain science, and discuss both the cognitive and behavioral systems at play. Listeners will gain a new understanding of the scientific principles behind hard vs. soft skills training, learn the optimal training procedures for each, and discover how a growing category of technology applications are applying these principles for maximum impact.