More Secure Passwords for Participants

At Qstream, we know security is an important issue for our users. With our latest release, we’re allowing you to take measures to help ensure your participants choose passwords that are more secure.

When users create a new password, it is now possible for it to be checked against a known list of compromised passwords worldwide, or passwords otherwise considered unsuitable.

If the password they’re trying to use is found on that list, it will be rejected and they will be prompted to choose a stronger password. The message will be displayed if they try to create a bad password, regardless of whether the default password strength of your site is set to Low, Medium or High

This new feature is the default behavior for new sites created by Qstream but will *not* change the behavior for your existing sites.

If you’d like to enable this setting on any of your existing sites, feel free to reach out to your Client Services representative who can switch this on for you at any time.