New Hierarchy Manager Functionality

Qstream has rebuilt the Hierarchy Manager to help ease the pains of those with complex organizations. With our new Hierarchy Manager, an admin can see exactly the layout of the hierarchy, complete with nested groups illustrated in different colors. The entire process is more user-friendly, time-efficient and performance-enhancing. 

This new functionality also allows admins to…

Create groups. From right within a parent group, an admin can create child groups that are automatically attached to that parent group and displayed underneath in a logical view. 

Edit groups. When an admin has clicked into a group, there is the ability to change parent groups, adjust the group’s users tag or value, and delete the group altogether. NOTE: if a group is deleted, all of the levels below it are also deleted.

Add managers. When editing a group, an admin can add a manager and an icon will appear showing when at least one manager has been assigned. It’s also possible to remove a manager from within that same group.


To return to the old version of Hierarchy Manager, there is a link at the bottom of the page that will allow you to do so. 

Let us know what you think by sending feedback to the Qstream Product Team. We’re always looking for ways to improve!