Simplifying the Pause Process

The holidays are coming! And what better time (and reason) to be pausing Qstreams? We’ve released an improved method of scheduling holds in anticipation of this very thing.

In the old way of setting a holiday hold, there was a bit of confusion in the UI around when exactly the delivery of questions would resume. However, with an update to our logic and a tweak in wording, we’ve cleared things up.

After clicking on the link to Pause Qstream, you’ll have the opportunity to set a date for when the pause should start AND when questions should resume. This means that there will be less confusion around the exact length of the hold that you’re scheduling.

After the dates have been set, be sure to click the Apply button. The Qstream will be updated with that pause information that is clearly displayed. Simply click on the pause link to make any edits or cancel the hold.

This should make scheduling holiday holds less of a headache and easier to navigate. Let us know if you have any questions!