Prevent Users from Dropping Qstreams

In our recent release, we’ve added the ability to prevent users from dropping a Qstream in which they’re enrolled. Before this, there were a few places where participants could drop a Qstream, leading to issues arising within organizations, especially around compliance and mandatory participation. If a participant is required to be taking a Qstream, they shouldn’t have the ability to withdraw.

We’ve heard this request from a few customers, especially those with large numbers of participants and those requiring strict adherence to fully completing Qstreams.

This feature is now available on a Qstream-by-Qstream basis. On the Completion tab of the Course Editor, you’ll see a new section with the ability to enable this feature by checking a box.

The default setting maintains current behaviour, meaning that unless you uncheck the box, nothing will change for your participants and they will still have the ability to drop a Qstream.

Let us know if you have any questions!