Sales Coaching

More effective sales coaching.
And the numbers to prove it.

Frontline managers are super busy. Which is why many of them fail to deliver the right amount of sales coaching – even though it’s an essential and productive part of their job.

Too often, sales coaching is conducted “by the numbers, ” while a huge unknown – the capacity of the sales team to drive buying decisions – remains a key factor in achieving top-line revenue growth. Qstream’s data-driven approach helps your time-pressed managers easily know who and what to coach, creating more meaningful and insightful coaching experiences.

Qstream Benefits

Turn top sales reps into top sales coaches

Once top sales reps themselves, many managers are promoted into leadership roles without management or coaching experience. Qstream’s Sales Analytics Engine identifies relevant coaching actions to help managers know exactly who and what to coach, while helping to develop managers’ coaching skills and improve overall team performance. Onboard communication tools make it just as easy for managers to reach out to specific individuals or the entire group directly from the dashboard.

Make every coaching-minute count

Qstream provides a single place to access the information managers and field sales coaches need to coach effectively. A graphical timeline delivers quick access to all coaching actions and history, including recommended coaching actions based on system-generated data, CRM triggers and field observations. By focusing valuable coaching time on the individual needs of each rep, sales managers can maximize their coaching impact to help each rep progress quickly along their individual development path.

Track the effectiveness of your coaching program

How do you know your sales coaching program is working? Qstream helps senior sales managers and executives gain insight into the effectiveness of their coaching program with a real-time online coaching actions report. Visual dashboards show senior leadership if coaching actions have been taken, and where they remain unresolved. Through visibility into manager participation, sales leaders can help “coach the coach” more effectively.