Sales Onboarding

Go from first day to first deal – faster.

Hiring and onboarding sales reps is a serious investment. If your onboarding program isn’t efficient, you’re throwing money away – and losing even more through delayed productivity.

Regardless of whether your new hire is a first-time sales rep or an experienced professional who’s been selling for a dozen years, there are dynamics that are unique to each industry, business and product. Understanding these dynamics, and the specific competencies required to navigate them successfully, is critical to success.

Qstream accelerates sales onboarding by keeping it simple and focused for new hires. Using a scientifically proven methodology, Qstream gets sales reps up to speed faster on the knowledge and skills necessary to hit critical milestones, and taps real-time data to help sales managers coach them along the way.

Qstream Benefits

No drinking from the firehose 

With so much new information, onboarding can be overwhelming. Drowning new hires in details is no way to get them closer to being a productive member of the team. Qstream helps streamline the onboarding process with an effective algorithm that pushes 2 to 3 practice scenarios to reps every other day, enhancing their sales capabilities and preparing them for client interactions.

Measure success with real data, not butts in seats

Determining the skill level of your newest reps is usually subjective, based on past experience. But that’s no way to understand a new hire’s progress. When you integrate Qstream challenges into your onboarding program, sales managers get clear data that establishes every rep’s baseline and improved proficiency over time. So you’ll always know who’s excelling or falling behind – long after boot camp.

Speed time to proficiency

Shortcuts don’t make for faster onboarding. They usually result in new reps who simply don’t absorb the necessary information. Qstream delivers high rates of mastery in just weeks instead of months, giving new sales reps the know-how and skills to begin selling faster. Participating in Qstream challenges – including text, video, and rich media – takes minutes a day and is scientifically proven to increase retention and durably change behaviors.

Take the guesswork out of coaching

Successful companies rely on sales coaching to reinforce sales onboarding activities, but knowing who and what to coach is often a blind spot. Qstream makes it both clear and simple. Easy-to-understand dashboards featuring sales fluency heatmaps and suggested coaching actions let sales managers instantly identify a new hire’s knowledge gaps, while the system is already at work addressing them.