Sales Process

Accelerate the rollout of new sales processes.
Then watch them stick.

The pace of change in sales is lightning fast, with plenty of factors constantly moving the markers. As you adjust to keep up with competition and regulation – or improve internal processes – you need to disseminate information, build new skills effectively and make sure your teams get it right.

Using Qstream to introduce a new sales process gives you solid ground to successfully execute change across your distributed organization. And start selling with greater insight and efficiency.

Qstream Benefits

Drive consistent adoption

Qstream pushes practice scenarios to your global sales force at scale, so everyone ramps up on new processes at once, regardless of the number of reps, managers, and sales ops staff. Participants stay engaged – and stay competitive, thanks to our leaderboards – and managers have teams’ real-time results at the ready. Everyone gets on the same page at the same time.

Engage frontline managers

To implement a new initiative or process, managers must effectively influence their reps to adopt new tactics. The Qstream Coaching Hub makes this easy, giving sales managers prescriptive coaching tasks based on their reps’ proficiency with new processes. They can then deliver quick, effective feedback and track reps’ follow-up actions.

Track progress across your organization

With easy-to-read dashboards and heatmaps, managers and executives see real-time reporting on team participation, and can immediately identify and correct gaps that can jeopardize not only adoption, but results.

Protect your sales process investments

Sales transformation initiatives are usually large-scale changes that demand time and money – without the luxury of a staggered release or “pilot period.” As a platform specifically proven to drive engagement – and drive results in a short period of a time – Qstream is the ideal way to protect your investment.