The Power of Qstream and Veeva CRM

Advanced integration with Veeva CRM helps manage, measure and coach pharma sales teams to new levels of engagement and effectiveness

As the pharmaceutical industry continues its shift to patient-centric growth, sales teams and medical science liaisons (MSLs) need ongoing training and development to re-shape the way they engage with health care professionals (HCPs). Yet, access to clinicians is more challenging than ever, and medical sales reps will have just minutes to demonstrate value.

Qstream’s clinically proven approach ensures that pharma teams have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to move beyond a features and benefits discussions to a patient-centric approach. Now, with native integration to Veeva CRM, medical sales teams and their managers can experience all the benefits of Qstream from the same convenient, familiar interface.

Medical Sales Reps and MSLs
Time-efficient, engaging reinforcement
veeva crm 1

  • Medical reps and MSLs respond to Qstream challenges from within Veeva CRM environment
  • Builds the necessary knowledge and skills for patient-centric engagement with HCPs in just minutes a day

Front-line Managers
Actionable data, individualized coaching
veeva crm 2

  • Qstream Manager dashboards, available within Veeva CRM, help identify who, what and when to coach
  • Easily identify knowledge and skills gaps with personalized coaching recommendations triggered from CRM objects and workflow

Executive Leadership
Data-driven insights of team capabilities
veeva crm 3

  • Real-time dashboards and trend analysis correlate team capabilities to any business KPI, CRM activity or data set
  • Sales fluency heat maps show team progress over time, based on custom defined filters
  • Drill down to investigate where teams or individuals are excelling or need support

Unlock the power of Veeva CRM with Qstream