Content ROI

Put your existing content investments to work in completely new ways.

One of the best ways for employees to hone their skills is through the application of knowledge in controlled scenarios – whether its field work, negotiating, objection handling or compliance knowledge or process change. Unlike other microlearning “quiz-game” tools that simply “test” recall or assess knowledge levels, Qstream’s scenario-based challenges support best practices with brief explanations that reinforce what “good looks like.”

Committed to engaging experiences and delivering the greatest value to employees in just minutes, Qstream provides a flexible environment for repurposing existing content investments to enhance explanations with short videos, infographics, podcasts and links to relevant sales content for message consistency and enhanced ROI.

Browser-based Authoring

Intuitive authoring tools let subject matter experts quickly assemble Qstream challenges via any Web browser. Qstream supports multi-author environments with centralized publishing control. Online preview functions enable content review and testing prior to launch.

Rich Media Support

Enrich the brief explanations that support the reinforcement methodology with a blend of rich content including videos, graphics, podcasts and hyperlinks to relevant sales assets. Videos and images are automatically scaled to size for delivery on different devices. No plugins required.

Expert Content Services and Support

Wondering what scenario format (multiple choice, multiple correct, true/false) is right for your specific topic, audience or application? Qstream provides an online library of best practices, tools, templates and examples to help you choose.