Simple & Fun

Sales reps play a fun game in less than 3 minutes a day.

Users Love It


Designed for today's mobile, social on-the-go salesforce.

Works On Any Device


Actionable insights let you know how your team is doing.

Real-time Analytics


Boost sales performance and increase retention by 170%.

Clinically Proven

Product Video: Qstream in 2 Minutes

Qstream brings together the best of mobile, gamification, big data and brain science to improve the capabilities of our sales team.

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Tackle the human side of your CRM strategy with Qstream for Available today, Qstream for seamlessly integrates two powerful platforms to manage and measure the strengths of your sellers from within the CRM system they use every day. Companies that use Qstream […]

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#WebSummit 2014
Web Summit, the self-proclaimed “best technology conference on the planet,” starts next week in Dublin. The event is sold out, but Qstream will be well-represented and we couldn’t be more […]

Selling Skills: It’s Worse Than You Think Sales managers are tasked with keeping a pulse on their teams’ performance. At any point, they can easily identify top performers and those other few falling behind quota. CRM puts […]