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Can you reduce training time and improve knowledge retention?

With Qstream you can. Our simple, efficient and highly effective microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution is built for today’s hybrid, digital workforces.

Key features of Qstream’s proven, powerful microlearning:


Spaced learning & repetition


Knowledge reinforcement


Scenario-based testing – “flipped learning”


Gamification and recognition


Engagement, proficiency and performance analytics


Microlearning content authoring


Content management, storage and sharing


Deliver learners a quick, fun & impactful experience

When learning is relevant, enjoyable and non-disruptive, employees are more likely to buy into the experience and actually retain the information being shared. Our quick, just-in-time microlearning challenges are delivered to learners in the flow of work, leading to increased engagement, knowledge retention and proficiency that translate to superior job performance.

  • Immediate answer feedback, scoring and leaderboards promote healthy competition and boost engagement by 90% or more
  • Personalized, test-based learning challenges adapt to each employee’s unique knowledge needs and deliver proficiency gains of over 35%
  • An optimized, seamless experience that can be accessed on any device or system provides flexibility for today’s busy learners and increases productivity
  • Scientifically proven spaced learning algorithms support knowledge introduction and increase knowledge retention by up to 170%
  • Scenario-based challenges make learning relevant, boost situational awareness and improve critical thinking skills

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Enable managers to drive employee success

High-performing managers develop high-performing employees. And high-performing employees are what drive the success of your business. Give managers the tools they need to lead and invest in their team. Qstream’s analytics dashboards provide precise, actionable insights into employee learning proficiency so managers can coach where and when it’s needed to enable their team’s growth and improve performance.

  • Simple and intuitive reports put the most relevant and critical information at managers’ fingertips
  • Real-time insights show employee skills and knowledge gaps so managers can easily draw conclusions about workforce readiness and take meaningful coaching action at the team and individual level
  • Robust analytics help correlate learner proficiency to job performance and business impact
How Managers Use Microlearning for Coaching Remote Teams

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Continuously improve learning programs and correlate performance to business outcomes

Stop assuming the impact of your learning and training efforts. Effective programs hinge on the right data so they can be refined over time. Qstream gives learning and development teams and business managers the insights they need to build effective learning and training programs and prove the value of those programs to executive leaders.

  • Learning program performance data helps measure the success of program efforts and continuously improve training results
  • Detailed microlearning analytics provide unprecedented insight on learning proficiency on a per-skill, per-topic, per-region, per-team basis
  • Thematic data across the organization and the ability to drill down into manager and learner performance helps inform business decisions and pinpoint potential risk
How to Quantify the Value of Corporate Learning Programs

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Easily create engaging, visually compelling content

Designing engaging content is the heart of a successful learning and training program. Whether you use our built-in content authoring tools or take advantage of our team of experts, creating engaging, world-class content has never been easier.

  • Rich, responsive content, including high-quality images and video, is seamlessly supported to engage learners
  • Content creation and delivery is completely customizable to meet the unique needs of your learners
  • Intuitive content authoring tools with built-in best practice guidance help creators of all experience levels build effective microlearning questions
  • Content performance analytics highlight effective courses so they can easily be leveraged for other learners in your organization

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Get more out of your existing learning investments & programs

Today’s learning professionals and sales training teams are opting for best-in-breed solutions to develop their workforces. Qstream offers the only scientifically proven microlearning and knowledge reinforcement platform on the market. Here’s how we add exponential value to the programs and technology you have in place today:

  • Studies show that in as little as 30 days, 79% of knowledge is forgotten
  • Knowledge reinforcement extends the life of your other programs to ensure critical concepts are remembered and applied on the job
  • Continuous learning journeys keep knowledge and skills top of mind for employees
  • Microlearning analytics expose knowledge gaps post-training sessions so swift interventions can be made

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All of the above

plus a team of experts dedicated to your success

Not sure where to start in developing your microlearning program?

Limited resources? Want some expert guidance? Qstream’s Client Services Team is here for you.

We’ve helped hundreds of global brands level up their learning and enablement programs, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.

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