A Conversation with Euler Hermes on the Power of Qstream for Reinforcement & Business Process Change

Matt Garfinkle, is Learning & Development Manager with Euler Hermes, a subsidiary of Allianz and the world’s leading credit insurer with more than 6,000 employees. We recently spoke to Matt […]

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sales coaching

Qstream Adds Video Coaching to Coaching Hub

At Qstream, we know how critical coaching is to a sales team’s success – and how hard it can be to effectively implement at scale. The challenges have been well-documented: […]

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Looking to Close More Deals? These Boston-based Sales Pros Have Some Tips

MassTLC recently held an event for sales professionals entitled, “Ideas on How to Advance the Deals You Want to Close Today.” Senior sales leaders from Black Duck Software, IBM, Pegasystems […]

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5 Things Every Sales Manager Should Do to Optimize Coaching Time

Sales managers are perhaps the most time-pressed individuals on your team. So when it comes to coaching, it’s critical that they have the skills and data to optimize every moment […]

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Solving the Six-Figure Problem Within Your Sales Organization

If you’re like most companies, you kicked off this year with big growth plans. And chances are, you’re among the 70% of companies planning to increase the size of their sales […]

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Why You Need to Become the Chief Training Officer of Your Sales Team

In order to make sales training a priority, forward-thinking leaders should think beyond traditional models and apply a little creativity to keep their team’s knowledge and skills sharp. Ray Makela […]

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Three Things Sales Enablement Leaders Should Look for in an Enterprise-Ready Solution

Sales enablement leaders face many challenges when it comes to addressing the needs of their sales teams in the fast-paced global economy. With a constantly shifting playing field, even the […]

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5 Data-Driven Steps to Successfully Onboard Financial Advisors

As banks and financial advisory firms compete for customer mindshare and lifetime loyalty, trusted advisor relationships are vital to differentiating the service of one institution from another. The most successful […]

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