Heap of medicine pills. Close up of colorful tablets and capsules

Q&A: New Perspectives on the Challenges Facing Pharma Sales

How are trends in drug development impacting pharma sales teams, and how important is coaching in the life sciences sales culture? We recently spoke to Karen Williams with Transart, a […]

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Driven to Distraction? The One Word That Will Fix Sales Productivity

A new Accenture report co-authored with CSO Insights crystallizes the problem that thousands of sales executives at global enterprises face in staring down their year-end sales goals: We’re selling in […]

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A Winning Sales Conversation

The Art of a Winning Sales Conversation

The influence of online search has given prospects the ability to become knowledgeable on your products and services before they ever interact with a salesperson, greatly changing the dynamic of […]

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Sales Forecasting Is Not an Oxymoron

Although extremely important in determining businesses’ ability to meet its revenue targets, surveys show that nearly 60 percent of sales forecasts are largely inaccurate. More troubling is that businesses might risk […]

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5 Things Every Sales Manager Should Do to Optimize Coaching Time

Sales managers are perhaps the most time-pressed individuals on your team. So when it comes to coaching, it’s critical that they have the skills and data to optimize every moment […]

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