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The Need for Greater Agility in Sales Skills Development

We can all agree that sales forces are change-intensive organizations. To succeed, fast-growth companies require adaptable salespeople who can quickly acquire new knowledge and skills, and demonstrate them on the job. These teams must be “built to learn” in order to navigate shifting buyer needs, embrace changes in their product and s [...] Read More


Qstream Now Bringing Data-Driven Coaching to Lightning-Ready Sales Capabilities Platform

Until now, sales coaching has not received the attention it deserves, the proverbial “middle child” of sales enablement. In fact, 77% of firms surveyed for a study released earlier this year said they don’t provide enough coaching to their salespeople. This, despite the fact that implementing a coaching program optimized for quality [...] Read More


Going to Dreamforce? We’ve Got a Few Tips if Building a Great Sales Team is on Your To-Do List

Are you one of those Dreamforce attendees? The ones who wait until the last possible minute to review the agenda, book meetings, or even check out the list of hot parties to attend? Well, you’re almost there: Dreamforce is now just days away and it’s time to create a plan to make the most of it. Lucky for you, Qstream can help – [...] Read More

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Why Storytelling in Sales Inspires Buyers to Take Action

Much has been written about the influence of good storytelling when it comes to sales, and with good reason. In an era when most prospects can gather significant information about your product or service without ever speaking to a live person, the mandate to engage customers in a personal, compelling manner is more important than ever. Th [...] Read More

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6 Questions to Ask Before Developing Your Sales Competencies

Understanding the critical competencies of your reps is fundamental to hiring, onboarding and developing a best-in-class sales team. The most successful sales leaders are able to identify, document and measure the skills required for their reps to perform at the highest levels based on their unique product set, customer profile, and marke [...] Read More


Executive Spotlight: Tony Caruso, Qstream’s Director of Sales Enablement, on the Power of Listening and Good Habits

What attracted you to the role at Qstream? Foremost, the company culture is a great fit for me – innovative technology, great people with passion for their work and life and high growth. And, as an enthusiastic former customer, the opportunity to combine that belief in the power of the Qstream technology and my passion for enabling s [...] Read More


Questions from the Field: Calum Kilgour, Slingshot

“Questions from the Field” asks top sales performance leaders – practitioners and consultants, authors and solution providers – to share their expertise on building smarter, more confident sales teams. Join Calum live on Thursday 22nd September at 9 am ET / 2pm BST / 3pm CET for a webinar presented in partnership by the AA- [...] Read More

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5 Tips for Making Your Sales Enablement Strategy “Millennial-Ready”

Sales roles today are increasingly dominated by Millennials. Despite published misconceptions, this group is actually a perfect fit for sales. They are well-educated, collaborative, technologically savvy and want to make a difference through meaningful work. The possibility for career advancement is a large part of what attracts Millen [...] Read More

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Going for Gold: Building a Team of Successful “Sales Athletes”

As the Rio Summer Olympic games progress, athletes from more than 200 countries compete against the very best in their field for top honors. Although many Olympians possess natural physical advantages, reaching the pinnacle of their sport requires years of intense preparation, including repetitive practice, coaching and individualized  [...] Read More


Questions from the Field: Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven

“Questions from the Field” asks top sales performance leaders – practitioners and consultants, authors and solution providers – to share their expertise on building smarter, more confident sales teams. What piece of advice would you give to a newly promoted sales manager in his/her first role leading a team? A new sales ma [...] Read More