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5 Tips for Making Your Sales Enablement Strategy “Millennial-Ready”

Sales roles today are increasingly dominated by Millennials. Despite published misconceptions, this group is actually a perfect fit for sales. They are well-educated, collaborative, technologically savvy and want to make a difference through meaningful work. The possibility for career advancement is a large part of what attracts Millen [...] Read More

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Going for Gold: Building a Team of Successful “Sales Athletes”

As the Rio Summer Olympic games progress, athletes from more than 200 countries compete against the very best in their field for top honors. Although many Olympians possess natural physical advantages, reaching the pinnacle of their sport requires years of intense preparation, including repetitive practice, coaching and individualized  [...] Read More


Questions from the Field: Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven

“Questions from the Field” asks top sales performance leaders – practitioners and consultants, authors and solution providers – to share their expertise on building smarter, more confident sales teams. What piece of advice would you give to a newly promoted sales manager in his/her first role leading a team? A new sales ma [...] Read More

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The 3 Most Overlooked Sales Metrics

If every sales team has one common goal, it’s to produce more. More deals, more revenue, more customers. Achieving these goals requires that every member of the team, not just the top 20% of high performers, are working at their full potential and productivity. Yet, if you plot the average performance of a sales team, there are a rel [...] Read More


Executive Spotlight: Patrick Gunn, Qstream’s VP of EMEA Sales, Focuses on Growth

What attracted you to the role at Qstream? Obviously the people and the cool technology! But actually it was the business problem we are solving. I have been in the position of many Sales VPs with large sales teams. I could understand the numbers, the activity, etc. within the CRM system, but what I couldn’t easily understand was the e [...] Read More


Sales at the Speed of Change: Can Your Sales Development Strategy Keep Pace?

It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus around 500 B.C. who said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” He likely was not referring to the world of sales, but his sentiment is no less apt in this modern context. There’s no question that sales forces are change-intensive organizations. Shifting buyer preferences, coupled wit [...] Read More


3 Misconceptions About Tenured Sales Professionals

Let’s start by defining what we refer to as a “tenured” sales professional – this is someone who likely has 10 plus years of sales experience, whether solely with their current company, or accumulated over the years at various places of employment. Suffice it to say this is a person who is established in their sales career an [...] Read More


The Secret Ingredient for a Great Qstream Experience

One of the most critical components for a successful Qstream is effective content.  The challenge scenarios you deliver to your teams should be relevant, informative, and easy to understand. The explanations should both reinforce and clarify key messages that are directly tied to the business objectives of the Qstream. In short, quality [...] Read More

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What High-Performing Sales Reps Really Want (And What Pushes Them Out the Door!)

There is perhaps no enterprise business role more visible, or more studied than sales. After all, we not only keep score of their successes and failures, we publish them widely for their peers and all the world to see.  Yet despite the scrutiny, what do we really understand about the motivations and subsequent behaviors of high-performin [...] Read More


How to Create a Gritty Sales Team

Psychologist Angela Duckworth defines Grit as the combination of passion and perseverance. She studies Grit for a living. Her research suggests that Grit can predict success across many different types of groups; from inner city students and military cadets to sales professionals. My previous blog, The most Important Trait to Look for Wh [...] Read More