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What is Qstream and why all the buzz?

Engaged, individualized and measured microlearning

Qstream is the leading enterprise microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution that’s been proven by science and in practice time and time again to deliver the highest levels of knowledge retention, engagement, and efficiency along with analytics that provide precision insights and expose a real-time view of job performance readiness.

“How can we help people in the workforce retain knowledge and develop the behaviors they need to perform at their best?”

Support every step of the way

Qstream’s technology and microlearning experts in combination with our array of world-class services are here when you need them. However you need them.

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Proven by science

Built on neuroscience algorithms validated through more than 20 peer-reviewed clinical trials and years of real-world application, Qstream streamlines workplace learning with a highly agile, engaging and personalized learning experience to deliver targeted knowledge when it matters most.

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Proven in practice

Founded in 2008, Qstream’s award-winning microlearning solution has helped hundreds of organizations across a variety of industries, including life sciences, healthcare, financial services, technology and manufacturing, build the highest-performing teams.

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Who we are

Our Vision

Our Vision is to revolutionize how businesses empower their employees through individualized learning.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to leverage science in making people smarter and better in the work they do by providing the easiest, fastest and most effective microlearning solution available.

With offices based in Boston, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland, Qstream is a team of technology innovators, software engineers, business professionals and the world’s leading experts in microlearning with two things in common: A passion for learning and a dedication to humbly serving our customers.

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